Brand & Iron is a small goods company based out of Vancouver started by Jordan Derhouson while he recovered from a liver transplant due to a rare genetic disorder (PSC). Brand & Iron was never intended to be much other than a creative outlet to pass time during his lengthy recovery.


Originally the focus was on leather goods. We made everything from keychains to tote bags, meticulously made by hand without the use of a sewing machine, just a good old fashioned needle and thread. While this set the basis for our company back in its infancy, it was never something we intended to stick with forever or be limited to. While slinging out leather goods, a new passion for candle making developed behind the scenes. This eventually led to a line of leather wrapped candles, which seemed to be an appropriate fit at the time. We had no idea if these would be a success or not, but were pleasantly surprised by how well they were received. Shortly after we set out to create a line of candles that would have a more wide ranging appeal, not just a cabin in the woods which seemed to be the appropriate setting by our leather candles.

Brand & Iron will continue to serve as our creative outlet, allowing us to remain passionate about what we do every single day. We have no idea what it will look like 10 years from now but are excited by the vast amount of possibilities.

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